Västerby - Farms of Hälsingland in Rengsjö

In Great-grandmother's Time - activities for children.

Västerby - Where History Comes to Life 

Västerby is an old village milieu of extraordinary value, in Rengsjö in southern Hälsingland. Our historical environment comes to life In Great-grandmother's Time. Our popular summer activities for children include dressing up in old fashioned clothes, playing, doing handicraft and cuddling with our animals.  

In summer we offer daily guided tours in our farm houses. From spring to autumn, groups are welcome to book guided tours in Swedish or English.

Stenciled wall paintings of the Knutas family of painters.

The Story of our Farms of Hälsingland

The farms of Hälsingland are often referred to as "wooden castles", thanks to their large proportions. These magnificent buildings were erected by proud Hälsingland farmers, with a long tradition of owning their own land.

In Västerby, three old farms are built in the dense pattern, representative of ancient villages. Regnells and Norrgården are local heritage museums, open to the public through Rengsjö Local Heritage Society. Utigården is still a private home. 

Regnells and Norrgården reflect the Rengsjö way of building and furnishing, during the mid 19th century. Utigården illustrates how farmers modernized their farms at the time of Legal Partition.

All the farms have richly painted and wallpapered interiors, carried out by the Knutas family of painters, over a limited period of time. These interiors provide an extremely valuable documentation of a very important family of painters in Hälsingland. 

The flax flower is a symbol of Hälsingland, where flax industry has long traditions.

Tourist Facts

Hälsingland tourism

Project "Hälsingegårdar" 
- Farmhouses of Hälsingland

You find Västerby in Rengsjö, outside the small city of Bollnäs in southern Hälsingland.

Three hours by car from Stockholm and Arlanda airport. Use the E4 to Söderhamn, then head west towards Bollnäs on road 50, and turn right at brown signs.


A guided tour in English

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Rengsjö Local Heritage Society

Rengsjö Hembygdsförening
Västerby 7674
821 58 RENGSJÖ

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In Great-grandmother's Time.






Midsummer dancing outside Regnells.





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